PUBLISHED: The Time Teacher, a quick science fiction story

Do you have a few minutes for just under 1500 words of science fiction? You do? Great! I’ve got my latest up on WattPad:

The Time Teacher
By: DJ Ferris

Although this story is very short, it’s actually somewhat taken from a larger book and series I’m working on (and by “working” I mean thinking about every so often). It gives the foundational idea behind that plot line with regard to time travle. In the meantime, though, I thought I’d flesh out two of its main characters with a dialogue-driven short story!

Here’s a more detailed summary for your perusal…

Claire’s special talent is finding time gates around the world connecting different points in history. You can only cross one gate at a time or face being trapped in an era not your own. The love of her life did just that, leaving her alone forever, or so she thought. The sudden appearance of a stranger – a stranger that shares her talent – begins a conversation that could provide much needed hope.

Thanks for reading!


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