PUBLISHED: Girl Yard | A story about a prison run by cyborgs on the moon Titan

My first “real” science fiction story is here! At just under 6,000 words, this shouldn’t take long to read, but dare I say it will be enjoyable? Here’s the full summary (because short titles aren’t exactly helpful):

The Center for Female Youth and Adult Reformation Detention, affectionately known as the “Yard”, is located on the moon Titan with the purpose of reforming the behavior of wayward females. As an alternative to prison, the idea is appealing to the citizens of Enceladus who initiated its creation, except none of the detainees remember what they did to land themselves there thanks to memory suppressive medication. The recycled robots and cyborgs running the facility are programmed to handle most instances, but the sudden, unexpected arrival of a Ministry ship prompts their emergency mode, leaving all the Yard girls to their own devices and one group determined to escape.

Girl Yard, by DJ Ferris

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