Editing Mode: Not for the impatient.

If I’m honest, I always re-read whatever it is I’m writing a bazillion times before making it to the end (assuming I get there), so when I finally have to edit before publishing, I’m not excited. Actually, I get a little high-horsed about it and assume I don’t really need it. 

Okay. Stop laughing. 

Well, anyhow, I’ve finished another story. This one took longer than The Invitation, but not by much. I’ve been working on some costume stuff and…I have kids. [See: Timesuck] But, I’m excited to publish it soon. I’ve finally taken hold of the whole “scifi” thing (for real this time!) and placed my characters on Saturn’s moon Titan where they are being detained in a facility run by recycled robots and cyborgs. I also explored narrating from different characters’ points of view. I’ve never actually done that – always did a 3rd person, one character perspective thing.

I’ve also been working on a costume! I love the rocket from the Tintin moon adventure, so I started a dress apron thing inspired by it. This, of course, has inspired me to do a few costumes based on that adventure and have a full little photo set of it all. You know what’s crazier? I’m crocheting everything!

The rocket went better than I expected, and Tintin’s actual outfit is served well by yarn crafts – it’s a blue sweater! Yarn crafters live for sweaters…and scarves. Or, we’re supposed to. I’ve only ever made one tiny colorful sweater for my middle child. I started another one for an adult but got bored (sorry, dear).

This line of thought got me thinking about whether using crochet as my cosplay angle would be cool. I personally love the idea and the challenge is tempting, too. Also, believe it or not, I find it much easier to crochet things with three kids than it is to sew. Maybe once I’m more experienced with sewing, things will go quicker and I’ll feel differently; however, for now, pulling out a hook and yarn ball is much more practical to work on intermittently than setting up a sewing table with all the patterns and so forth. 

I also love 3D printing and have tons of ideas to incorporate there – mostly Dr. Who and Star Trek stuff at the moment. I’ve also found paper mache possibilities to be tempting lately (thanks, Pinterest). I’m not sure how to incorporate everything I’d like to try into a disciplined hobby, but I’m sure I’ll find a balance soon. 

Besides Tintin, I have a couple of outfits coming up from Star Trek, the Original Series, combining some thrift store finds with some crochet. I’m also planning on adding some music elements to my cosplay stuff and have a fun Dr. Who thing in the works. YES. I’m actually working on all of these things simultaneously. 

And writing scifi.

On a final note – there was a story between The Invitation and the one I’m publishing soon. It’s a flash fiction piece called “Radio Waves”. I’ve submitted it for possible publication in Daily Science Fiction, but because they have a “first publishing rights” rule, I am pending the outcome of their editors’ review of the story to know when it will be/can be publicly available. Crossing my fingers!

Talk to you soon!


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