PUBLISHED: The Invitation, a Time Travel Romance

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Summary:  He’s traveled across time to be with her. Will she choose a future with him over the one he left without her?

Writer Notes: This is the first story I ever finished. Not the first one started, mind you. Just the first one I was able to point to and say, “See that story? I wrote that story. It’s done!”

Inspired by all the times I met someone that had a major first impression on me, I decided to explore the concept of whether people we encounter and seem to have immediate strong connections with are from a part of our time line that was overridden by a time traveler. Fun, right? Of course, I had to add some romance and ask another question: If we knew our future and had a chance to go a different direction, would we? 

This is a quick read – just under 10,000 words. Let me know your thoughts!

The Invitation by DJ Ferris

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