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GP: Jim’s Family Rocket Sales

This was my first attempt to create retrofuture ad copy. I’m fairly happy with it! The original vision was much more complex, but this is the format that worked for my current set of...


GP: Anna’s Android Warehouse

It’s vintage robots for sale! Guaranteed to help your business perform better! This bit was inspired by some of the post-war period dramas I’ve seen – The Paradise and Mr. Selfridge in particular. Some...


New YouTube Channel!

I’ve entered the stage a little late, but I’ve heard it’s better than never, no? I’m not really sure what I’m doing at the moment, but I have lots of short video ideas –...

Graphic Projects

Maker Projects


Sometimes they’re just photoshop collages, sometimes full-fledged photo sets. All times fun.


Things I’ve made – electronics, 3D printing, crochet, sewing, etc.


My pieces on and the sci-fi stuff I’ve published on WattPad.